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Busy week for me

March 22, 2013

Astonishingly I wasn’t at home much sort of negating my stay-at-home status. Does that mean I was just a non-mom?

Quick recap:
Monday: Psychiatrist, guitar lesson, door repair, errands.
Tuesday: Walked the dog, signed final paperwork on house we were selling, got a kick-ass massage.
Wednesday: Acrylic painting class for most of the day where I met another sahNm! She said she was unemployed, I corrected her. Then I met up with my bestie for some art supply shopping and dinner and catching up. Didn’t make it to a friend’s birthday celebration but am hoping to catch up with her soon.
Thursday: Closed on the house we were selling! Met with a company to have some shades installed in the new house, it would be nice to have a bit of privacy, house has no window treatments whatsoever, bathrooms included. I’m not an exhibitionist y’all. A voyeur maybe, but not an exhibitionist. Met with therapist. Got my craft on making coasters out of travertine tile.
Friday: Pilates. Waited for a piece of furniture to be delivered.

Gosh, it is exhausting just listing it all. I could use a cocktail. It is Friday, right?


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