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Hello again

I just want to say I’m so glad 2013 is over. What a shitbag of a year. I still feel a little ptsd, but if that’s the worst then how much can I really complain? And in other news I am on less meds than I was a year ago. I am totally off my benzos… No more Xanax or Klonopin! I haven’t given up all of my wicked ways though, gawd, that would be so dull. Sadly, I have given up wine…and porn. We will see which of those sticks. Later!



Oh my, lots of cobwebs here.

Looking like it is time for an update!

For a stay-at-home-non-mom I haven’t been home all that much lately. I’ve been busy taking classes and actually spending time outside (hello, warm weather in Seattle in May? You sort of have to take advantage of it while you can…), seeing friends, doing physical therapy, and still settling into this house we bought a few months ago.

A friend recently told me that what I did sounded boring to him. When I talk to other women they don’t think it sounds boring at all. Could this be a mars/venus thing or is that guy just not that imaginative?


Today is Monday which means guitar lesson. I can somehow pick my way pitifully through my practice stuff when I’m at home by myself. I can even play some of it without ever looking at my hands… Something about being in the room for my lesson gets me all worked up.

The teacher is fantastic. Very patient and has a great laugh. Last week she made a remark about me being nervous and I said it was because I saw my shrink earlier that day and might need new meds. Then I had total diarrhea of the mouth and started blabbing about how in my guitar lesson I’ll blame my shrink and at my shrink’s office I’ll blame my mom. The sad thing is, these are very true things and not at all fabricated.

In case my instructor finds this, I’m off to practice with my eyes closed!

Busy week for me

Astonishingly I wasn’t at home much sort of negating my stay-at-home status. Does that mean I was just a non-mom?

Quick recap:
Monday: Psychiatrist, guitar lesson, door repair, errands.
Tuesday: Walked the dog, signed final paperwork on house we were selling, got a kick-ass massage.
Wednesday: Acrylic painting class for most of the day where I met another sahNm! She said she was unemployed, I corrected her. Then I met up with my bestie for some art supply shopping and dinner and catching up. Didn’t make it to a friend’s birthday celebration but am hoping to catch up with her soon.
Thursday: Closed on the house we were selling! Met with a company to have some shades installed in the new house, it would be nice to have a bit of privacy, house has no window treatments whatsoever, bathrooms included. I’m not an exhibitionist y’all. A voyeur maybe, but not an exhibitionist. Met with therapist. Got my craft on making coasters out of travertine tile.
Friday: Pilates. Waited for a piece of furniture to be delivered.

Gosh, it is exhausting just listing it all. I could use a cocktail. It is Friday, right?

Today the grass was looking greener

I had a case of the grass is looking greener today. I am especially judgmental of myself as this one was a relationship doozey. Yes, Hubby and I each have our flaws. The thing is, it is a whole package. I can’t pick and choose things to like/dislike/wish-were-different. Like most things in life this is a come-as-you-are dealio.

I could rant about the fact that he took a screen, no, two screens out of windows in our house and didn’t know how to put them back. I could rave about how he goes with my flow even when there is no rhyme or reason. Have I mentioned the parking gene? Hubby has it as does his dad. They have an uncanny ability to find parking in the most amazing spots…places that surely wouldn’t have a parking spot right in front. I think the story with my FIL is that he found a parking space in front of Radio City Music Hall, or maybe it was Carnegie Hall, it was one of those halls. This is family lore and I’ve seen it happen.

These are the things I need to remember when I start to wonder about the grass over yonder.

The more real I get…

the less followers I have.

I have a few personas on the internets. One is me, my name might not be splattered all over the place, but it wouldn’t take much effort to find me either.

I have over 700 followers on my porn-reblog-tumblr-thingamabob, over 300 on my dirty girl twitter account, and less than 30 on my most real venture. Crazy. Maybe I should scrap writing and go into porn. Yes, I said that.


That is how I feel at the moment.

I have a new laptop. Yay!

All of my writing is on my old laptop which was STOLEN. Ratbastards.

So I begin again, like a phoenix, blah blah blah. Moral of the story, use the mother-effin cloud. I knew better. Don’t we all?

A little bit about me

I am a stay at home non-mom. I heard that in a movie or on a show once and thought it utterly ridiculous…the joke was on me when I realized that I had, in fact, become that very thing.

The basics:

  • I’m in my late 30s…which hurts my soul to type. Baby Jesus help us when it’s 40.
  • I’m married, almost 10 years.
  • We’ve no children.
  • We have a dog. No, that dog is a beloved member of this household, but he isn’t my child. Repeat, we have no children.
  • I like kids. I love my nieces and nephews. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. I get to be the quirky aunt who lives in Seattle and who can’t decide what she wants to be when she grows up. Back in the day one might have called me eccentric. I like to say I’m “just a little touched.”
  • I’ve lived in Seattle since I was a wee bairn just out of college.
  • I just had my twitter account suspended. I think it had something to do with that rice krispie treat (aka happy-cake) that I had yesterday…it sort of lowered my inhibitions enough for me to retweet the guy who wrote Spiderman AND an author I admire and then make a comparison to me and a man who I wish was my gay best friend (he is not gay, nor is he my best friend). As I said yesterday, it really did make sense in my head at the time.

I think that is enough about me for the moment.

Good morning!

So it is 5 in the morning and I can’t sleep. It seems like as good a time as any to start this blog. I’ve thought about it quite a bit and figure why not pull the trigger? (oh, used a gun reference… that’s bold considering this is my first post and all… way to be controversial-ish…not really)

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